What Is The Abbreviation For Thursday?

You are wondering about the standard abbreviation for Thursday, Tuesday, and other Days of the week, aren’t you? If that’s the case, let’s check out our today’s writing now!



Abbreviation is a short form of a word or a phrase used to simply what we are writing. For sure, abbreviations are always a part of written language due to their usefulnessand convenience. With just one or some letters, an abbreviation or acronym can fully present or express a lengthy word or expression.

For example, ASAP (= as soon as possible), BFF (= best friend forever), btw (= by the way), PC (= personal computer), etc are among very common abbreviations in English. Even the word abbreviation itself is also abbreviated to “abbr.”.

In English, like in many other languages, abbreviated forms of wordsare in use in almost every area of life, including very common abbreviations for Months of the years and Days of the week. And in our today’s article, we will together figure out the right and standard abbreviations for all 7 Days of the week.

But first, we’ll learn about the abbreviation for Thursday and Tuesday as these 2 Days have several different shorten forms. In fact, Thursday abbreviation even looks somewhat alike Tuesday abbreviation that might cause the confusion for us when using. Now, let’s see what the right form of Thursday abbreviation is and how to distinguish it from Tuesday abbreviation.

What is the standard abbreviation for Thursday and Tuesday?

Thursday is the fifth day of the week, the day before Friday and following Wednesday. In written English, people use Th., Thu., Thur., and Thurs. as the abbreviations for Thursday. Meanwhile, Tu., Tue., and Tues. are the shorten forms of Tuesday. As looking at Thursday abbreviations and Tuesday abbreviations, especially Th. and Thu. vs Tu., do you agree with me that they are a bit similar?

Despite the fact that all of 4 Thursday abbreviations mentioned earlier are acceptable in English, Thurs. is considered the most standard abbreviation standing for Thursday. About Tuesday, Tuesis widely accepted as the standard shorten form for the third day of the week, though the other abbreviations listed above are also commonly used in English. So, with Thurs. and Tues., Thursday abbreviation and Tuesday abbreviation lookabsolutely different, right?

Now, let’s move on to the next part of this writing to learn about the standard abbreviation of other Days of the week.

Abbreviations for Days of the week

Similar to Thursday and Tuesday, other Days of the week also have their own abbreviations. Right below here, we are about to list out the standard abbreviations for all 7 Days of the week. Let’s check them out!!!

1. Sunday – Sun.(the day before Monday and following Saturday, usually considered to be the 1stday of the week in the U.S.)

2. Monday – Mon.

3. Tuesday – Tu., Tue., Tues.

4. Wednesday – Wed.

5. Thursday – Th., Thu., Thur., Thurs.

6. Friday – Fri.

7. Saturday – Sat.

Note: Underlined words are all standard abbreviations.


Through this writing, now, we all know that Thurs. is the standard abbreviation of Thursday, while Tues. is the right abbreviated form for Tuesday, right? And with these short forms, from now on, you will no longer feel confused or mistaken when it comes to correct abbreviationfor Thursday and Tuesday for sure. In addition, we also checked out the full list of abbreviation for Days of the week.

For some last words, we really hope that our today’s post clearly gave you the answer to the question “What is abbreviation for Thursday?” If you find this article useful and interesting, don’t forget to like and share it!

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