What Is The Meaning of “Bearing With Me?”

What does it mean when someone tells you that “please bear with me!?” How is this expression used in the English language? Bearing with me vs baring with me, what is the different between them? Is “bare with me” incorrect? … All of these questions and more will be answered right here and right now.



Have you ever noticed the fact that the term “bear with me” or “bearing with me” is used quite commonly in native speakers’ conversations? So, what does this expression really mean? Why do they use it? And how to use it in a sentence?

Well, if you are looking for the answers to these questions or you just simply want to know the meaning of “bear with me”, don’t miss out our today’s writing. Let’s be here with us, and together, we will learn everything related to this expression, from its meaning, usages, and synonyms.

Furthermore, we’ll also explore the differencesbetween “bearing with me” and “baring with me” –2 expressions that often make many people get confused. But first of all, we need to figure out the meaning of “bearing with me.” Let’s do it right now!

What does “bearing with me” mean?

If you say “bear with me” to someone, it means that you want him or her to be patientand wait while you do something else.

For example, when you want your friend to wait while you are finding the textbook to give her, you can say that “Just bear with me a moment, I will find the textbook to give you.”

Are you clear about the meaning of this expression, let’s move on to learn about its usage in the next part of this writing.

How to use “bearing with me” in a sentence?

Since “bear with me” means “please wait/be patient” while you do something, you can use it as a polite way of asking or telling someone to be patient while you do/finish something. In other words, this phrase is considered a request for the patience or tolerance of someone. Here are some examples that might help you deeply understand the way this expression is used in a sentence:

- Please bear with me for a few more minutes, I am finishing the report to give you as soon as possible.

- Bear with me. I am on the way to your home.

- Thanks again for bearing with mewhile I make a phone call.

- Can you bear with me until I finish downloading this file?

- Please bear with me while I reset the computer.

Note: You can also say bear with us, bear with him, bear with them, … or bear with someone/something in general. For example,

- Please bear with us, the party will start in next few minutes.

- The salesman asks the customers to bear with him while he goes and finds the size they look for.

Bearing with me or Baring with me?

Even though Bear and Bare definitely sound the same and they are homophones in English, these 2 words don’t mean the same thing at all. Therefore, “bear with me” and “bare with me,” of course, are not the same for sure.

However, many people often mistake “bear with me” for “bare with me” due to the same sound and similar spellings. While the verb “bear” in “bear with me” means to tolerate, to wait, or to be patient, the verb “bare” means to uncover, to reveal, or to undress. Well, it doesn’t make sense at all if you ask for the patience of someone by telling them “bare with me.”

So, when you want to ask someone to wait, to be patient, or stay with you, always make sure that you use the expression “bear with me,”NOT“bare with me.”

For example:

If you could just bear with me for a little while, I will make a tasty pizza for you. -- Correct

If you could just bare with me for a little while, I will make a tasty pizza for you. --Incorrect

Other ways to tell or ask someone to wait

In the English language, there are some other great phrases and expressions that have similar meaning with “bear with me.” Here are a few other common ways of telling or asking someone to wait.

- Hold on.

- Just wait until/till.

- Hang on a minute. Or hold on a minute.

- Wait a minute/a second.

- Just a minute/second/moment.

Some last words

Now, do you find the expression“bear with me” interesting and useful? It’s definitely common in everyday conversations between native speakers. So remember its meaning and usage so that you will always use this expression correctly when talking to the native.

In addition, we also explained the differences between “bear with me” and “bare with me” in this writing. Always keep in your mind that it’s “bear with me,” not “bare with me,” when you want to ask someone to be patient and wait while you do something else.

In the end, we hope that our today’s post is really helpful to you. Thanks you for spending time reading this article!

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