S’s or s’ – Use The Possessive ’S And Write Chris’ or Chris’s Dog”?

You need to use the possessive “’s” between two nouns to signal a relationship between them. It is also used to signal the possession, characteristics, physical features as well as qualities and quantitative measurement

For example, when you want to express a fact that there is a dog that belongs to Rose, you would say – “Rose’s dog”. All you need to do is simply adding the “’s” after the proper noun. However, it seems to be more complicated when you want to state that there is a dog that belongs to Chris. Many people would argue between the use of s' or s's. Should it be Chris' or Chris's dog?

There are several rules that you need to know about adding the possessive “’s” correctly. These rules are quite easy to understand and follow. However, there are other things such as whether you should use the form “s's”. It is quite a controversial topic. Take a look at this article below for all of the most important things that you need to know about the possessive “’s”.

“Hi There” – What Does “There” In “Hi There” Mean?

When it comes to greetings, no other language could beat English. It has greetings in formal and informal contexts. It also has greetings for people who you have just met or people that you haven’t seen for a long time. For different people, different relationships, different context, and different situations, you will find a proper greeting in English.

For informal greetings, you can have a wide range of choices. It can be as simple as “Hello”, “Hi” or “hi there”. The last phrase is a very interesting case. Have you ever wondered what “there” in “Hi there” mean? I am sure that we often say “Hi there” when we greet our friends. But there will be just a few of us have ever questioned about the meaning of the word “there”. If you are interested, take a look here for more on “Hi there” and the reason why there is the word “there” in “Hi there”.

Happy New Year Or Happy New Year’s

One of the most common greetings that you would use to wish other people when a New Year comes is undoubtedly: “Happy New Year”. But more than common, you often come across a greeting card which says “Happy New Year’s”.

At first, you might think that there must be some grammatical error here. But when you see it a lot, you might think that it could be some grammars or phrases that you don’t know. So why people say Happy New Year or Happy New Year’s? Which way is correct?

Coffee, Café, Coffe And Other Related Words

Coffee is of undoubtedly one of the most popular caffeinated drinks all over the world. And along with the popularity of the drink, “coffee” and “café” are among the most recognized English words, even to non-English speakers.

However, much to their popularity, people still get mix up or spell these words in the wrong way. You can see many beautifully decorated boards of a coffee shop offering you a cup of “coffe”. Well, if you travel back through time for about 500 years or so, “coffe” would be a word with perfect spelling.

What Is The Meaning Of Colitas?

“Hotel California” by The Eagles is one of the most popular songs in the 1980s. It is well known for its harmonic melody as well as the deep meanings the song aims to express.

This song and its lyrics contain a lot of word that sound unfamiliar. If you study the lyrics of this song, you will come across many words such as “Tiffany twisted” or “colitas”. Even English speaker would find difficulties understanding these words. Have you ever wondered what the meanings of these words are? Read here to find out what the word “colitas” is truly means.

What Does Facsimile Mean?

You might not know about a facsimile machine. But I am sure that you might have heard about the fax machine. In fact, it is one of the most common and staple machines that you have seen in a lot of offices. However, the word also has other definitions. In case you come across this word and don’t know what it means, take a look at this article below for the facsimile definition, the origin of the word as well as its synonyms and antonyms.

What Does “My Liege” Mean?

You often see the word “my liege” in various Shakespeare’s plays, but not much in the modern contexts. So what does this word mean? Have you ever wondered about its origin and how can you apply this word to the contemporary context? This article below will tell you all.

Happy Belated Birthday – Is It Right?

Thanks to the invention of Facebook, we have a tool to remind us about the upcoming birthday of your friends and family member. With the timely notification, we wouldn’t able to forget to celebrate their birthdays. However, it is not a rare thing that we forget sending our best wishes for our friends and family members on their birthdays. Sometimes, we have something to do that we have to postpone sending our wishes until later on.

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