How To Differentiate Loss Vs Lost

Hi English learners, have you ever made mistake of using loss and lost? We guess this is one of the most common mistakes for any person who starts to learn English language.

Today, we are about to provide you with more details about differences between loss and lost and give you more examples to illustrate their meanings.

‘Thank You For Your Understanding’ And Other Ways To Say ‘Thank You’

‘Thank you for your understanding’ definition

​First and foremost, we have to learn what this phrase means. ‘Thank you for understanding’, of course does not mean to congratulate the opposite person for understanding what you just said.

What Does “Street Address” Meaning?

Hello guys, writing or talking about addresses often confuses the English learners for the reason that many people misunderstand different types of addresses. In this article, we are about to focus on explaining the phrase “street address” and give further information about expressing your addresses correctly.

The Most Important Principles Of Using Comma And Comma Before And

In the field of English language, using comma in writing seems to be simple but it is quite complicated and not all people who learn English know to use comma in a proper way.

​A number of English learners use the comma before and indiscriminately, which causes misunderstanding in what they want to tell other people. Therefore, we are about to go into details for the use of comma in this article to answer the question “when do you use a comma?

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