Coffee, Café, Coffe And Other Related Words

Coffee is of undoubtedly one of the most popular caffeinated drinks all over the world. And along with the popularity of the drink, “coffee” and “café” are among the most recognized English words, even to non-English speakers.

However, much to their popularity, people still get mix up or spell these words in the wrong way. You can see many beautifully decorated boards of a coffee shop offering you a cup of “coffe”. Well, if you travel back through time for about 500 years or so, “coffe” would be a word with perfect spelling.


Here is a small piece of article with the ultimate information on coffee and its related words.

1. Coffee

Coffee refers to a topical African tree which belongs to the Coffea family. This plant is called coffee and so are its seeds.

The coffee seeds or beans are collected, dried and then roasted and ground to make into coffee powder. This powder is then made into a kind of beverage, mostly served hot.

A serving of this beverage is also called coffee. Its plural would be “coffees”.

  • My favorite drink in a cold winter morning is coffee.
  • I often drink a cup of coffee in the morning.
  • Can I have two coffees with brown sugar, please?

While the word “coffee” refers to the trees, the beans as well as the drinks made from the beans of the trees, it also has other meanings.

  • The color. The coffee color would be dark or darkish brown. 
  • · E.g.: I like this coffee dress.

  • An informal social gathering at which coffee and other types of drinks are served.
  • · E.g.: To enhance his social network, he has to attend a lot of political coffees.

2. Café

A café, or a cafe, is a place where you would go to drink coffee. You can also buy other types of beverages such as teas along with light snacks and meals. In many cafés, they don’t sell alcoholic drinks.

Instead of saying “café”, you can also use “coffee shop”.

3. Types Of Coffee

There are many types of coffees with different ingredients added in for many different tastes and experiences. Note that some types of coffees come with the word “cafe” instead of “coffee”. There are no rules of these names. You might have heard about black coffee, espresso or milk coffee, here are some other types of coffee for you.

  • Cafe Au Lait: This type of coffee has the same ratio of milk and coffee
  • Café noir: This coffee is black coffee, without adding any milk or cream. It is served in a small cup.
  • Irish coffee: This coffee is added with sugar, Irish whiskey and whipped cream for a very strong and sweet taste.
  • Decaf or Decaffeinated coffee: This type of coffee has the caffeine removed. If you don’t like the strong effect of caffeine but still want to enjoy the original taste of coffee, this drink is for you.
  • Drip coffee: This type of coffee is made by using a perforated container to filter coffee with boiling water. The coffee used to make this type of coffee is the finely ground coffee.
  • Cappuccino: This coffee is made from espresso and hot milk. Barista would add nutmeg and cinnamon along with whipped cream to top a cup of cappuccino.
  • Mocha coffee: This coffee is made from a special dark coffee and cacao powder.
  • Turkish coffee: This coffee is made with pulverized coffee beans. You can also add sugar or sweetener to this kind of drink.
  • Café royal or Coffee royal: This coffee is simply black coffee with Cognac and lemon peel. Sugar or sweetener can be added to this drink.

4. Coffee Idioms

Wake up and smell the coffee: It is an informal idiom meaning that you having to face a tough and unpleasant situation. It also means that you have to become realistic and start to pay attention to what happens around you. E.g. Now that you have graduated, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Coffee-table book: When you describe a book as a coffee-table book, you want to mention that the book is huge and looks expensive with a lot of pictures and glossy pages. This book is placed on a table so that people can look at it.

Coffee break: A 10 to 15 minute informal break for a cup of tea or coffee. E.g.: You can take two coffee breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Let’s talk over a cup of coffee: When you ask someone to talk over a cup of coffee with you, you offer him or her to have a conversation, which is usually friendly and informal.

That and 50 cents will buy you a cup of coffee. You will say this idiom when you want to describe something which is worthless. E.g.: He has 2 Master degrees in Engineering. That and 50 cents will buy you a cup of coffee.

Here is all that you need to know about coffee, café, types of coffee and some idioms about one of the most iconic drinks in the world. I hope that you will never misspell the word “coffee”, and use “coffee” and “Café” correctly. And I also hope that with this small article, you would be able to enrich your English vocabulary relating to this drink.

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