What Is The Difference Between “Take A Shower” and “Take A Bath”?

“Take a shower” and “Take a bath”, are they really the same? Or there’s difference in their meaning and usage? Let’s find out the answer to this question in our today’s article right now!



​Anyone of us has to brush the teeth and wash the face after getting out the bed in every morning, right? And similar to that, we also need to wash up the body each day to keep it clean and healthy. In English, we often use the phrase of “take a shower” and “take a bath” to describe that act.

​In fact, many people think that these 2 English phrases completely have the same meaning and often use them interchangeably. But when considering them carefully, we can see a quite big difference between them. Do you know what it is? If you don’t, this article is definitely for you as we are going to help you clearly understand the meaning and usage of each one of them so that from now on, you will always use them correctly in every particular situation.

​“Take a shower” – What does it mean?

​Simply, the phrase of “take a shower” just means cleaning the body with running water (from a shower head, for example).

Right now, we are going to give you an example to illustrate this definition:

Hanna: Hello, this is Hanna. What are you doing, Tom?

Evan: Hi, Hanna. I’m Evan, Tom’s roommate. Tom is taking a shower in the bathroom. He told me to answer his phone. Well, I’ll tell him to call you back when he’s done.

Hanna: Well, thanks you for that!

From the short phone conversation between Hanna and Evan, now you know how this phrase is used in English, don’t you? But it’s just a part of this article as our goal today is to figure out the difference between “take a bath” and “take a shower”. Let’s move to the next part of this post to find that dissimilarity!

​Difference between “Take a shower” and “Take a bath”

“Take a shower” and “take a bath” are all used to describe the act of cleaning our bodies with water, though they are not similar to each other.

Looking at these 2 phrases, we right away find that they differ from each other by the words of “shower” and “bath”. But exactly these 2 words make difference. While shower is defined as an enclosure in which a person washes the body by standing under a spray of water, bath means the act of immersing and washing the body in a quite large container of water.

So, we take a shower when we stay standing up under the spray of running water coming from above (from the showerhead). And we take a bath when we sit down or lie in a bathtub filled up full of water.

“Take a shower”and “Take a bath” synonyms

Take a shower and take a bath are very common phrases that many English speakers use. But together with them, we can also use other English words and phrases featuring the similar meaning.

Other ways to say “Take a shower”

  • Have a shower
  • Shower/showering (verb)

Other ways to says “Take a bath”

  • Have a bath
  • Lie in a/the bath
  • Soak in a/the bath
  • In the bath (I’m in the bath)


After all, do you agree with me that Take a shower and take a bath are not the same despite the fact that they are used to describe the act of cleaning the body with water? That’s so great if you do! After this writing, we really hope that now, you can differentiate these 2 phrases with ease as well as always use them exactly in the daily life.

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