Forward or Foward – Which One Is Grammatically Correct?

You must be very familiar with the word "forward". However, have you ever heard the word "foward"? Which one is grammatically correct?


1. Introduction

Before discussing the meanings and the reasons of choosing either forward or foward in English communication, this article, first, states that forward is a correct term to use. You can also realize this fact when typing. Microsoft Word or your smartphone will automatically correct the word foward to forward. However, is foward only a spelling mistake? Please read to discuss further!

2. The meaning of “forward”

Forward is an adverb that means something in front. Firstly, forward means towards the direction which is in front of you. In this case, forward is the adverb which implicates direction. For example, we can say “She leaned forward to whisper something in my ear.”

In addition, forward also means future. It means towards the future or something happens after the point you are saying. An example of the meaning “future” of forward can be “From that day forward they never spoke to each other.”

Last but not least, forward is also an adverb which means progress. It is used in expressions related to progress. For example, we can say “This is a big step forward for democracy.” Additionally, forward is also used, especially in business, to mean "progress in the future". For example, we can say, “This could become a problem going forward.”

3. Is there any meaning of “foward”?

It is obvious, according to most of the articles, that “foward” is a wrong spelling word of forward. However, it is interesting that when we try to enter the word “foward” in the Google searcher, there are many pages that have it spelt like that. In addition, there is even a financial term which apparently, is spelt like that. So, what is the reason for this?

It is interesting that “foward” is not only a wrong spelling form of forward, but also a surname. Yes, there are some people named Foward, especially British people. But, again, if foward stands in the sentence which it is supposed to be an adverb, it means the word “foward” is a typing mistakes.

Foward is an English word, even though it is used in Literature and, for English texts and communication, currently is not used commonly. That means, in the end, if we don’t have a capital F for foward, it is, then, a spelling mistake. However, it seems like a very silly but common mistake to make. Even some big books have written it grammatically wrong . For example, “foward” appears in The Lord of the Rings. “Frodo gave a cry-and Tom leaned foward and handed it back to him with a smile.”

4. Conclusion

Forward or Foward? Which one is grammatically correct? We must always remember that the correct word is always “forward”, which means “direction”, future”, and “progress”. If you don’t have the word “Foward” with capital F that means you are typing the wrong one. In addition, the word forward, as suggested in this paper, is always a spelling mistake. With Microsoft Word and other tools on computer that always autocorrect your typing, we hope that you will not type wrong the only right word, “Forward” instead of “foward”.

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