Happy New Year Or Happy New Year’s

One of the most common greetings that you would use to wish other people when a New Year comes is undoubtedly: “Happy New Year”. But more than common, you often come across a greeting card which says “Happy New Year’s”.

At first, you might think that there must be some grammatical error here. But when you see it a lot, you might think that it could be some grammars or phrases that you don’t know. So why people say Happy New Year or Happy New Year’s? Which way is correct?


Here are some explanations that can help you clear out these questions:

The differences between New Year and New Year’s:

The New Year and New Year’s are two different times of the year. Normally, you, your, friends and your family members gather around on December 31, having a dinner and waiting for the New Year to come. You are celebrating the end of one year and waiting the beginning of another year. The night before the New Year is the eve of that New Year. You might have heard about the Christmas’ Eve, which is the night before the Christmas day. This is also the same in this case.

And just like the night before Christmas is called the Christmas’ Eve, the night before a New Year is the New Year’s Eve. You need to include an apostrophe “s” at the end of the word “New Year” to show the possession.

If you ask your friends and family about what they do on December 31, you will ask them what they do on the New Year’s Eve. Moreover, if you want to exchange greetings on this day, you will say “Happy New Year’s Eve”.

The colloquial “New Year’s” is not a grammatical mistake with an extra “’s”. Indeed, it is the shorter version of “New Year’s Eve”.

It needs to come with the apostrophe to distinguish itself from “New Year’s Day” – a brand new day of the next year. When you visit your friends and your family members, exchanging greetings on January 1, you don’t need to say “Happy New Year’s Day”. Instead, you can remove the possession and just simply say “Happy New Year”.

So now you know what these phrases mean.

Other grammatical points that you should remember:

  • Note that New Year, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are proper nouns of specific dates. Hence, the first letters of each word need to be capitalized. However, if you refer to the New Year as one year itself, you can write them in lowercase. For the former case, you can’t say a New Year (Happy a New Year, for example). For the latter case, you can say a/ the new year (For example: I am going to go to the gym as my resolution for the new year.)
  • There is only one New Year’s Day per year, obviously. However, when someone says New Year’s Days, he or she wants to mention all of the first days of the years that he or she had in the past.
  • While “New Year’s Eve” or “New Year’s” has its meaning, you need to always use the apostrophe. If you omit it and only write “New Years”, it would be grammatically incorrect.
  • For the preposition, you need to say “ON New Year’s Eve” or “ON New Year’s Day” if you want to mention these specific days and times of the year.
  • However, when you want to mention the holiday or activities that you take to celebrate the New Year in general, you would say “AT New Year” (like At Christmas, At Thanksgiving, At Easter…)

Last but not least, here are some other ways you can use to wish other people Happy New Year:

  • Have a prosperous New Year!
  • Happy New Year with love!
  • It is another year. May your dreams become true!
  • Wishing you the best in this upcoming year!
  • Warm/ Best wishes for a bright/ prosperous New Year!
  • Happy New Year greetings to my beloved friend!
  • Let’s celebrate a Happy New Year!
  • Wishing your family a lot of happiness, joy, and prosperity this New Year!

The New Year is only 2 months ahead. And it will come much sooner than you think it will. You should start thinking about the New Year wishes and messages that you are going to send to your family and your friends soon. With this article, I hope that you are clear about the expression of Happy New Year and Happy New Year’s. Along with other ways that you can use to wish other people a happy New Year; you can easily pick the best messages to send to all of your loved ones.

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