I’m Impressed With Vs I’m Impressed By

Have you ever wondered about the meaning and usage of “I’m impressed with” vs “I’m impressed by”? Do they the same or have differences? Can we use them interchangeably? Let’s be here with us, and you will know the answers!!!



When you find something really impressing and interesting, what will you say to express your feeling? Well, we bet that you might say “I feel impressed” or “I’m impressed” … but wait … I’m impressed what? Should we say “I’m impressed with” or “I’m impressed by”? Which one is grammatically correct? How are they different from the other in meaning?

We all can see that the only difference here is just the preposition (with or by) going after the main expression of “I’m impressed”. Though that’s just a word, it mightsomewhat change the sentence’s meaning. That’s reason why in our today’s article, we are about to let you know the difference between I’m impressed with vs I’m impressed by, so that you’ll understand the usage of each phrase and no longer feel confused when using this expression. Let’s do it now!

What does I’m impressed means and usage?

The word “Impressed” in this case is the part participle of the verb impress, and used as an adjective. About its meaning, “impressed” refers to the feeling of being surprised (in a good way) by how good someone or something is. And when someone says I’m impressed …, it means there is something make him or her have the feeling of impression. In other words,you can say “I am impressed” when there’s someone or something is better than you thought.

Let’s see examples below here to see how this phrase is used in full sentence:

The manager was impressed by Jose’s work.

I’m really impressed with her house.

I’m impressed with or by?

First, we need to tell you right now that both of these 2 prepositions – with and by – are fine to come with the expression “I’m impressed”? However, the usage and meaning of “I’m impressed with” and “I’m impressed” by are not totally the same.

So, how are they different? To tell the truth, opinions really vary when it comes to the difference between these 2 phrases. There are some people suppose that we can be impressed “with” something, and impressed “by” someone, while other ones think that “impressed by” is used to show amazement for someone’s doing or deed and “impressed with” is used to express amazement for the output or deed of a person. As compared these 2 opinions, we quite agree with the later one. Let’s take a look at 2 sentences below here to understand this opinion:

I am really impressed by Martin’s behavior in the restaurant. (Martin’s behavior is the thing that impresses “I”)

She was impressed with how well-organized the event was. (The output = well-organized event)

Even though we have used examples to explain and illustrate the opinionmentioned above about the difference between “impressed by” and “impressed with”, we know that you might still find it very confusing, right? Good news for you is that as we looked up several types of English dictionary, we found that “impressed by” and “impressed with” can be absolutely used interchangeably without much difference in meaning.


In spite of slight difference in meaning and usage between “I’m impressed with” and “I’m impressed by”, they still can be used interchangeably, especially in the modern-day English. If you are the one who wants to use English in the most proper way, let’s find out and remember even the little difference between these 2 phrases. If you are not, just simply use the preposition that you feel familiar with.

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