Prepositions Of Time – IN The Evening Or ON The Evening

On the evening vs In the evening – Which one is grammatically correct? Is “on” or “in” the right preposition to use in this case? Stay here with us and together, we’ll not only find out the answer to this question but also learn about the uses of common prepositions of time. Here we go.



How to use the prepositions properly is always a big question for almost every learner of English for sure. In fact, there are many different prepositions in English, including in, on, at, during, while, before, after, etc, and each one of them has different usages in different contexts. Of course, using prepositions is always complicated that it might cause a lot of confusion for us when making a sentence, right?

When it comes to prepositions, we have a question for you. So, in your opinion, should we say “We will meet in the evening” or “We will meet on the evening?” We bet that this is a common question that many non-native speakers also wonder about.

Is “on” or “in” the right preposition in this case? Right now, we’ll find out the answer to this question. But first, as usual, we will together recall some important knowledge related to the uses common prepositions of time (in, on, and at) before coming into the question “Is IN the evening or ON the evening correct?”

Common prepositions of time: At, In, On

Though we use many different prepositions for talking about days, weeks, months, years, seasons, and so on, we just focus on the uses of 3 most common ones (in, on, at) in this article. Right below here is a table comparing the uses of these 3 prepositions:

Preposition The Uses Examples
At At + Specific times At 8 p.m, at 5 o’clock
At + Holiday periods At Christmas, At Thanksgiving, At Easter
At + Mealtimes At breakfast time, At lunchtime, At dinnertime,
Others At midnight (= at 12 p.m), at midday (= at 12 a.m), at noon, at the weekend
In In + Months In January, In September
In + Years In 2000, In 1987
In + Seasons In Spring, In Summer
In + Centuries In the 20th century
In + Parts of the Day In the morning, in the evening
In + Longer periods of time In the past, in the present, in the 1990s
On On + Days of the week On Monday, On Tuesday, On Saturday
On + Days of the week + Parts of the Days On Monday morning, on Tuesday afternoon, on Friday evening
On + Dates On March 12th, on December 31st
On + Special Days On New Year’s Eve, On Thanksgiving Day, On Christmas Day

In the evening or On the evening

Looking at the table above that compares the uses of at, in, and on as the most common prepositions of time, we know that IN the evening is correct. Since “evening” is a part of the day, it’s used with preposition IN. Similarly, we also always say “in the morning,” and “in the afternoon.”

For example:

We just have a light meal in the evening. -- Correct

We just have a light meal on the evening. -- Incorrect

However, it’s correct to use ON the evening/morning/afternoon + of + dates, such as ON the evening of September 12th.

Besides, you can also use the preposition ON with evening/morning/afternoon if there is a suitable modifier (like Days of the week) added between ON and evening. For example, “The party will take place on Monday evening.

Now, let’s move on to learn about other prepositions to go with “the evening.”

Other prepositions used with “The Evening”

Well, along with IN, there are other prepositions that can be used with the evening, including:

During the evening -- Traffic volumes are high during the evening.

For the evening -- Where is my snack for the evening?

By evening --I will finish the report by this evening.

Some last words

After all, we now know that between in (the evening) and on (the evening,)IN is the right preposition to go with “the evening” for sure. However, “ON + the evening” is still correct and acceptable when there’s a modifier added in your sentence (like we mentioned above.)

Besides, our today’s article also reminded you of the uses of common prepositions of time (at, in, and on).Well, there’s no denying that using prepositions is not easy and simple at all. But we still hope that this post really helps you become less confused when it comes to using prepositions in the English language.

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