What Does “Lying Around” Mean?

Lying around – What is the meaning of this phrasal verb? Is it used commonly in English? What about its usage? How should we use it in a sentence? … Stay here and we’ll together learn about phrasal verb “lying around” right now!


Phrasal verbs are used very, very commonly in everyday situations and conversations between native speakers. Well, as the learner of English, one of the things you should do is to remember as many phrasal verbs as possible if you want to be fluent in English, especially spoken English.

Well, when it comes English phrasal verbs, in the today’s article, we really want to introduce you a quite common one that you might find it useful and interesting after understanding its meaning. It’s “lying around”!

So, what does “lying around” mean? How to use it in a sentence? Everything about this phrasal verb will be revealed to you right here and right now. Also, we are going to list out other phrasal verbs with the main verb of lie or lying. Well, let’s do it right now!

What does “lying around” mean?

Lying around is the V-ing form of phrasal verb “lie around”. Well, first to say the verb “lie” in this case doesn’t mean to say something that is not true, it means to be in a reclined position. And according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (at oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com), lie around (or lying around as the V-ing form)features 2 different meanings, as follows:

- If something is lying around, it isleft somewhere in an untidy or careless way, instead of putting away in the correct place.

For example: This man always has a lot of clothes lying around.

- If someone is lying around, it means this person is spending time doing nothing and being lazy.

For example: Clara spent her whole day just lying around.

Well, we bet that the meanings of this phrasal verb are quite simple and easy for you to understand and remember, right? Let’s move on to the next part of this post to dig deeper into the usage of Lie around!

“Lying around” usage

Due to the meanings of lying around that is made clear above, we can use this phrasal verb to describe the fact that something is left in a disordered way or someone spends some time lazily in a place. Now, let’s take a look at the examples below here to see how “lie around” is used in a sentence.

- When I was a child, my grandmother always told me not to leave toys lying around.

- My friends and I lie around in the house all day just playing games.

- John was lying around by the pool.

- Never leave your cash lying around in the house.

- Go out and get some exercises instead of lying around all day long.

- I always try to put my cooking stuffs in the correct place instead of leaving them lying around.

- She did all the household chores while he just lay around.

Other phrasal verbs with Lie

Together with lie around, there are other common English phrasal verbs that also have “lie” as the main verb, including:

- Lie about (= lie around) -> This phrasal verb is Lie around synonym

- Lie down (= rest, recline)

- Lie down on (= rest, recline on something such as lie down on a bed, a couch)

- Lie with (= be decided by)

These 4 phrasal verbs are all useful to you, aren’t they? If you haven’t known these words before and now you find them interesting and worth remembering, you should note them somewhere to learn. By that way, we believe that you can enrich your English vocabulary in a quick and effective way.

Wrap up

Recently, we introduced you 5 phrasal verbs that come with the main verb “lie,” including lie around, lie about, lie down, lie down on, and lie with. Do you agree with us that they are all useful words to learn? If you find them helpful, make sure that you remember and understand the meanings and usage of these words, especially the verb lie around.

We all know that there are tons of phrasal verbs in English and learning them is never an easy task for a lot of learners of English. However, knowing more and more phrasal verbs helps you become confident in communicating with English native speakers, so try to remember as many as you can. Well, with the today’s article about the meaning of lying around, we really hope we did bring you good knowledge of English with useful and interesting phrasal verbs. Thanks you for spending time reading this post!

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