Do You “Make A Decision” Or “Take A Decision”?

Make decision vs Take decision – Do they feature the same meaning? Can we use them interchangeably in sentence or not? Which one is more common? And more … Here are the details for you!



Is there any difference between 2 phrases “make a decision” and “take a decision”? That’s exactly one of the most common questions that many learners of English wonder about when it comes to the usage of these 2 collocations. While some people suppose that these they both have very similar meanings, some other think that these ones are not totally the same.

So what is the right answer to this question? Are they the same in both meaning and usage or not? Surely, everything will be revealed right below here soon. And once you clearly know about the meaning and usage of these 2 phrases, you will always use them correctly in sentence.

As the expression “Make a decision” sounds more common for many of us, we are going to make clear its definition and usage first, and basing on that, we’ll make comparison between “take a decision” and “make a decision”. Now, let’s get it started right now!

Make a decision meaning and usage

The word “decision” itself is defined as a resolution or conclusion reached after consideration. So, when someone says “make a decision”, it means that he or she comes to a resolutionin mind after considering the problem. In other words, you can remember that the phrase “make a decision” is completely equal to the verb “decide”.

As make decision means to decide, so it is used to refer to action of deciding something. When mentioning to the usage of this phrase, we want to introduce you 3 very basic and also quite important English structures with make a decision to remember, including:

​- To make a decision on/about/regarding/concerning something (a noun or clause).

For example:

She makes a decision on what to buy.

She makes a decision on her car.

​- To make a decision to do something.

For example:

He makes a decision go to college.

- To make a decision whether (or not) to do something.

For example:

He needs to make a decision whether or not to buy this car.

Is there any different between “make a decision” and “take a decision”?

The answer is that there’s no significant difference in meaning between this 2 phrases. Together with the verb “make”, the word “decision” also goes with four other verbs of take, reach, come to, and arrive at to mean to decide. So, it’s absolutely ok to say “take/ reach/ come to/ arrive at / make a decision” in sentence.

Despite having the same meaning, some dictionaries suggest that collocation “take decision” is British English while “make decision” is American English. In fact, “make decision”, “make a decision”, or “decision making” are very familiar to almost of us, while the expression “take a decision” sounds quite strange to some people. That’s the reason why “make a decision” is much more common and used more widely in both spoken and written English than “take a decision”.

Note: Three structures with make a decision listed above can be also applied for make a decision, like “take a decision on/about something”, and so.

Other ways to say make a decision.

Along with “take a decision”, there are still many other ways to say “make a decision”. Here is a short list of “to make a decision synonyms” for you:

  • To decide
  • To choose
  • To make a choice
  • To reach/ come to/ arrive at a decision/ decisions
  • Make up one’s mind (make up your mind, make up my mind, …)
  • Take it into one’s head to do something


Make a decision means to decide. It also has the similar meaning to “take a decision”. After all, now, we certainly know that there is no significant different in both meaning and usage of “take a decision” and “make a decision”. And we can use them interchangeably without any big difference, except for the fact that “take decision” seems much less common than “make decision”. Besides, this writing also provides you with useful structures that let you know which prepositions and forms of words are right to come with phrases make/take a decision.

Really hope that our today’s writing about the topic of “Differencebetween Take and Make a decision” is useful to you!!!

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