Mucho Gusto And Other Ways To Say “Nice To Meet You”

When you first meet someone, what would you say? It is essential for any English learner that he or she can exchange greetings with other people when they first meet. After all, the first impressions are highly valued, especially when you apply for a job, meet a business partner or meet your beloved friends.

Like other situations, you can use both formal and informal English when you want to greet someone. It can be as common as “Nice to meet you” or as formal as “It is a pleasure” meeting you. But have you ever heard of the phrase “mucho gusto”? Of if you heard about it but don’t know what it is?


In both cases, let’s learn about this interesting phrase.

What is “Mucho Gusto”?

Mucho Gusto is a Spanish phrase. It can be translated as “Nice to meet you”. In Costa Rica, this phrase is also mean “My pleasure” or “You are welcome”.

  • So if you greet someone, you would say “Mucho gusto” (meaning Nice to meet you)
  • In case you want to reply when someone thanks you for your help, you can also say “Mucho gusto” (meaning You are welcome)
  • If you say this phrase to an English speaker in an English speaking context, it is an informal form of greeting.

How to response to “Mucho Gusto”?

If you want to play along and reply to this greeting in Spanish, you can use:

  • Encantado = Pleased to meet you
  • Es Un Placer = It is a pleasure (meeting you)
  • Igualmente =Same here

Other ways to say “Nice To Meet You”:

Here are some other English phrases that you can use if you want to greet someone for the first time


  • It is my pleasure meeting you.
  • I am pleased to meet you.
  • The phrase “It has been a pleasure meeting you” can be used at the end of the meeting.
  • I am delighted to know/ meet you.
  • Bullet Point 2


  • Nice/ Glad to meet you.
  • Good to know you.
  • It is lovely seeing/ meeting you.

If you haven’t seen other people for a long time, you would say:

  • Long time no see.
  • Great seeing you again.

Hope that this small article helps to explain what “Mucho Gusto” is. This is a very common expression in Spanish and you would hear it a lot when you go traveling to a Spanish speaking country. You can also use this term when you want to greet an English speaker in an informal and friendly way. Or if you want to watch their confused face, maybe?

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