Is Nosy Or Nosey The Correct Spelling?

Nosy vs nosey – Which spelling is grammatically correct in English? Which one is incorrect? Is there any spelling mistake here? Or both of them are acceptable? Keep reading on to know the answer to this question as well as the real reason why they’re spelled differently.



Have you ever wondered why nosy and nosey are used to express the same meaning, even though they have different spellings? Is there any spelling mistake here? Or both of them are acceptable and can be used interchangeably in English?

Well, if you are looking for the answers to these questions, we can say that this article is just for you because right below here, we are going to help you know whether “nosy” or “nosey” or both of themarethe correct spelling. Let’s get started right now!

Nosy or nosey – Which one is grammatically correct?

As looking up the dictionary for these 2 words, we find that “nosey” is a variant spelling of “nosy”. For that reason, there’s no spelling mistake here and “nosy” and “nosey” are both acceptable in written and spoken English. However, why do people spell the term differently?

The reason behind the fact that people spell the term differently is due to the difference in spelling between American English and British English. While the American spelling is nosy, nosey is the British spelling. In addition to “nosy” and “nosey”, in fact, there are many other pairs of words that have different spellings (one is AmE and the other is BrE) but express the same meaning, such as color/colour, theater/theatre, catalog/catalogue, and so on.

In a nutshell, nosy and nosey are the same in meaning and usage. They are just different variations of a word. But in fact, “nosy” is considered more common than “nosey”.

For example:

Jane is not a nosy neighbor. -- Correct (more common)

Jane is not a nosey neighbor. -- Correct

Nosy (or nosey) definition and synonyms

Now, we all know that nosy and nosey are the same. Let’s continue to learn about their meaning and usage right now.

According to the online Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, nosy (also nosey) is an adjective that means “too interested in things that don’t concern you, especially other people’s affairs.” Synonyms of adjective nosy/nosey include “prying”, “intrusive”, “curious”, “spying”, etc.

For example: Stop being nosy (or nosey) – it’s none of your business.

In addition, the word nosy/nosey is also used as a verb that means pry into something. For instance, they don't nosy into our business like some people.


Now, we all surely have answer to the question“Is nosey or nosy the correct spelling?” that’s mentioned in the title of this post, right? There’s no incorrect spelling or spelling mistake here, even though, nosy and nosey have different spellings. They are the same and both acceptable in English. Despite that fact, the word “nosy” is still considered more common than “nosey”.

In the end, we really hope that after reading this post, you’re now completely clear about the meaning and usage of “nosy” and “nosey”. Thanks you for reading this post! If you find this article useful and interesting, don’t forget to like and share it.

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