Thats or That’s – Which One Is Grammatically Incorrect?

Thats and That’s – Are they the same or absolutely different? What do these words mean? Can we use them interchangeably or not and why? Is there any grammar mistake existing here? … All of these questions and morewill be discussed and answered all right here.



As the learners of English, “that” is, of course, the wordwe use very, very often in both spoken and written English, right? Not like many other English words, “that” has many different uses. Well, depending on the particular contexts, you can use “that” as a determiner, a conjunction, a pronoun, even an adverb, and more.

Well, there’s no denying that “that” is a really great word to use, isn’t it? But our today’s discussion won’t be on the uses of this word, but about Thats and That’s. Have you ever noticed that people both use “that’s” and “thats" in their sentences? What is the difference between these 2 words? What do they really mean? …

If you want to know the answers to these questions, just spend some minutes reading this article, then you’ll find out what you want. That’s enough for the introduction, now, it’s the time for us to start figuring out the differences between “that’s” and “thats.”

Thats or That’s???

Visually, the only difference between “that’s” and “thats"is just an apostrophe. However, this apostrophe is really important. Why? Let’s see the reason right here!

In the English language, “That’s” is the contraction of “That is” or “That has.”

For example:

That’s my house. = That is my house.

The car that’s colored in red is mine. = The car that is colored in red is mine.

The car that’s blue color is her. = The car that has blue color is her.

About “thats”, it is not the contraction of “That is” and “that has” for sure. So, it is definitely a spelling mistake if someone uses “thats” instead of “that’s” as the short form of “That is” or “that has.”In fact, “thats” is not really a word in English.

So, you should always keep in your mind that only “That’s”, not “Thats", is the contraction of “That is” and “that has.”

That’s my phone. -- Correct

Thats my phone. -- Incorrect

Does the word “thats” exist in English?

As mentioned before, “thats” is not really a word in the English language. It is not the contraction of “that has” or “that is.” It’s is also never the plural form of “that” as its plural form is “those”, not thats. That is the reason why almost every online grammar and spelling checker (and even the spelling/grammar checker in the Office program) find the word“thats” a spelling mistake.

However, there is a special case that the word“thats” may make sense. Do you believe it? It is when you use “that’s” to mean more than one “that.”

For example:

A: How many thats can you put together?

B: I can have just 2 thats in a row. My sentence is “Do you know that that boy is my friend?”

A: That’s okay!

Some last words

Now, you are completely clear about the difference between “Thats” and “That’s,” aren’t you? While “that’s” is the contraction of that is or that has, “thats” is not really a word in English, except for a special case that we mentioned above.

Well, after this article,you will never wonder if it should be “thats” or “that’s” in your sentence, right? We would be really happy if this post has provided you with useful and interesting knowledge of English grammar.Thanks you for spending time being with us! Don’t forget to like and share this writing if you find it helpful!

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