Twelveth vs Twelfth vs Twelvth

While “twelfth” actually exists in English, what about other words “twelveth” and “twelvth”? Are they considered the real English words? Or they are just common spelling mistakes? Keep reading on to know our answers to these questions …



There is nodoubt about the fact that “twelfth” is a real word in English. But have you ever seen somewhere, especially on the internet, that some people also write this word as twelveth or twelvth? “Are these 2 words other acceptable versions of the word twelfth?” might be the question that comes to your mind right now, right?

Well, if so, this post is something that’s worth reading for you as right below here we will help you know if “twelveth”and“twelvth”are real English words and they can be used interchangeably with the word twelfth or not! In addition to that, we will also introduce you some common twelfth synonyms as well. But first, let’s see what the word “twelfth” means before we jump into any further details!

What does twelfth mean?

In the English language, twelfth is an ordinal number, describing a person or a thing in position number twelve of a sequence. It comes right before the thirteenth and next after the eleventh in position. In other words, twelfth is the written form of ordinal number 12th. That’s really similar to the other ordinal numbers like sixth (or 6th), seventh (or 7th), eighth (or 8th), eleventh (or 11th), tenth (or 10th), and so on, right?

For example:

Our next appointment is on the twelfth of July (or on July 12th).

Question: What grade are you in? – Answer: I am in twelfth grade.

Besides, as a noun, “twelfth” means one of 12 equal parts of a whole, as in “This very big pizza was divided into 12 equal parts and each one of us ate a twelfth of it."

Are Twelveth and twelvth also grammatically correct?

“Twelfth” is 12th as a written word, but are the words “twelveth” and “twelvth” the other versions of Twelfth? Do they also mean 12thor not?

In fact, if you search for “twelveth” and “twelvth” on the internet via search engines, like Google, you will find a lot of results for these 2 words. But if you look them up in the standard dictionaries, you won’t find any result. You just can get the word “Twelfth” in those dictionaries for sure. That means both “twelveth” and “twelvth” don’t actually exist in English and they are just spelling mistakes of the word “twelfth”. There is also the opinion supposing that the word twelveth (= twelve + th) itself may be an archaic form of “twelfth”, but we are not sure about that.

In a nutshell, you should always keep in your mind that only “twelfth” is the correct spelling of ordinal number twelve. Other spellings like “twelveth” and “twelvth”are all grammatically incorrect.

For example:

Today is his twelfth birthday. -- Correct

Today is his twelveth birthday. -- Incorrect

Today is his twelvth birthday. -- Incorrect

Twelfth synonyms

Though “twelveth” and “twelvth” are the wrong forms of twelfth, there are still other synonyms of this word. Right below here, we will list out some other words that have the same or similar meaning to the word twelfth. They are:

- 12th

- Dozenth (=Twelfth, particularly as the final one of a set of 12)

- Duodecimal

- Duodenary (relating to or based on the number 12)

Some last words

The ordinal form of the number twelve just can be spelled as “twelfth”. So, any other spellings for this ordinal number, like “twelveth” and “twelvth”,are all incorrect and considered spelling mistakes. Now, when it comes to the ordinal number 12th, you surely know that its written form is “twelfth”, right?

After all, we just hope that all the things we introduced in this post are helpful to you even though these are just simple and basic knowledge and information that you might have known before. Don’t forget to like and share this post if you find it useful and interesting!

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