Walking On The Beach Or Walking In The Beach?

Walking in the beach vs walking on the beach – Which one is grammatically correct? Which one is not? Let’s be here with us until the end of this writing to know which prepositions are proper to use with the word beach.



Beach is always considered a quite ideal place for us to take a vacation during the whole year, especially in the summertime, right? Of course, the beach is really a great travel destination, but our today’s article won’t be about how great it is. Well, what we really want to discuss with you through this writing is all about the prepositions that should be used with the word “beach.”

So, in your opinion, which expression between “walking on the beach” and “walking in the beach” is grammatically correct? Let’s pick your choice before we start exploring the further details of this post. Are you done? If you are, it’s time for us to figure out the right prepositions to go with the word “beach” now!

Walking in the beach or Walking on the beach?

“Walking on the beach” vs “walking in the beach” or “sitting on the beach” vs“sitting in the beach”, as you can see, the only and one difference here is the preposition “in” and “on”, right? And in order to determine whether “in” or “on” is the right preposition here, it seem quite necessary and useful for us to recall the basic difference in the uses of “in” and “on” as the prepositions of place.

Together with at, in and on are amongthe main prepositions indicating position in English. Here’s thebasic difference in the usage of “in” and “on”in a sentence, according to learnersdictionary.com.

• In general, we use preposition “in” to indicate location/position within or inside something. So, if there’s something is contained inside an enclosed space or a wide flat area, we need to use “in”.

For example:

The apple is in the box;

We are playing in the sand.

• About the preposition “on”, in general, it’s used to indicate touching and being supported by something’s top surface, or moving to a position that’s supported by something. So, when you want to describe something that’s on a line or horizontal/vertical surface, let’s use preposition “on.”

For example:

The apple is still on the table;

The picture is hung on the wall.

Come back to the word “the beach” above, imagine thatwhen you are at the beach and you sit, lie, stand or walk there, do you agree with us that you are actually on the surface of the sand? If that’s so, ON, not in, is the proper preposition we need to use here, right?

For example:

I’m walking on the beach with friends. -- Correct

I’m walking in the beach with friends. -- Incorrect

Now, we certainly know that “walking on the beach” is definitely the correct expression to use. Let’s move on to the next part of this writing to see if there’s any other prepositions used with the beach or not. But before that, we want to give you one of really great “walking on the beach” quotes here: I look my best when I'm totally free, on holiday, walking on the beach (from Rosamund Pike).

Other prepositions to come with the word beach

Together with on, there are 2 other common prepositions that people often use with the word “beach”, including along and at, according to the English Collocations Dictionary online.

For example:

We walked along the beach last night;

They met at the beach.

Note: “In” is almost never used before the word “beach” as the preposition of place, especially the expression “walking in the beach” doesn’t exist.


In a nutshell, between 2 prepositions indicating position “in” and “on”, we now all know that ON, not in, is the proper preposition used with the word “beach.” And of course, we will always have the expression “walking on the beach”, never “walking in the beach”, right?

Besides, we also learn about other prepositions used together with “beach” through this writing. They are along and at. After all, now you are no longer feel wondered about the right prepositions to go with the words“beach”, aren’t you?

In the end, we hope that this post really brought you useful information that may help enrich your knowledge of English. Don’t forget to let us know what you think about this post in the comment section below. Thanks you for reading our today’s article!

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